PAULS LAWNS IS STILL OPEN AND WORKING It has been a challenging week - I have had a number of elderly customers very worried and some in tears because of the uncertainty and isolation - I hope a freshly cut lawn and our little chats (at a distance or thru glass) raised their spirit a little, I have also had customers give me heartfelt thanks and appreciation that I am keeping their lawns tidy whilst they are stuck at home. I thank all of them for their continued support and demand for the service I offer, Communication consists of lots of shouting, repeating, and basic sign language through the glass or from a distance, punctured by a quick laugh 😄 at the absurdity of how we interact at the moment. I want to keep re-assuring all customers that I continue to take the current situation very seriously Hygiene precautions is a top priority I follow the social distancing guidelines strictly, I work alone & I only work outside I am sole user of my van & machinery I have no need to enter any customer's home. I can very easily offer a zero contact ongoing service (most of my business is zero contact). I can also offer a zero contact quote service - Prices can be relayed by phone, text, messenger or email. Very limited spaces available but enquires are still welcome

March 26, 2020



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